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Think Food places first values, customer service, the growth

 of its staff and the idea of taste.

Catering is a business sector that includes all activities, including industrial scale, of banqueting and catering services related to production and distribution of ready meals for customers. Different types of companies fall in this area: restaurants, canteens of schools and hospitals, catering companies and other specialized formats.

Think Food is a company with operational headquarters in Treviglio (near Milan—Italy) , who wants to expand the market by seizing the best opportunities on the restoration.

Vision, mission and values are part of business strategy, serving as a communication strategy, strengthen organizational identity, identification of individual members with this, facilitate the alignment of
individual goals and become part system of incentives individual members by improving their yields.
Conditions for meeting these functions are:
constant attention to internal vision, mission and values;
alignment of the objectives of the medium-term vision, mission and values;
promoting harmonization of systems of individual goals and values with those of members of the organization.
A conclusion must however be said that:
the concepts outlined above have clear definitions and are often used in different senses, that set out the definition is only inferred from their use in most cases.